Thursday, 27 February 2014

Do not Drop Your Baton!

Suddenly I realized that others would someday get everything I had worked for so hard … Who knows if that person would be sensible or stupid? ­Solomon (King of Israel)
The most unfortunate thing that happens to a relay team is for a runner to drop his baton. The baton in the hand of an athlete is the mandate he has to compete. It is the only thing that qualifies him to continue with the race with the possibility of winning. The moment the baton is dropped, the athlete and team is disqualified from the race.
Every area of life has a baton. We have relationship batons, faith batons, career batons, and a lot more. Interestingly, many folks drop their batons in life’s races. They take the right faith baton, or the relationship baton, or family baton and drop it along the way. In so doing they completely lose even before the race is completed.
It is possible to drop life’s batons in many ways. Some ways include:
1.     Disobeying instructions
2.     Permitting jealousy (for other life athletes) to creep in
3.     Not giving due regard or respect to other people’s boundaries
4.     Impatience at low times
5.     Rejecting advice from experienced people
6.     Accepting advice from inexperienced people
7.     Maintaining a careless and carefree attitude
8.     Fear of doing things differently from your predecessors
9.     Placing personal gain ahead of team gain

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All these points, and some others I may not have thought of, can lead to you dropping your baton in some areas of life. It is important you take them seriously. 

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